Edward Noakes III, D.M.D., M.S.

Meet Dr. Noakes

Dr. Edward B. Noakes III and his five siblings grew up in the Stateline area.  He went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree from Beloit College and enjoyed a very diverse education.  His classroom settings varied from the London School of Dance to an archeological dig site in the Northern Andes Mountains.  When not studying, he used his time to become very successful on the football field.  As a result, he was given several conference and national awards including being named to the Champion All-American team as a linebacker.  He was recently inducted into the Beloit College Hall of Honor and has a defensive record that still stands. Due to his research publications during his time at Beloit, he was invited to obtain a Masters in Science on scholarship at Murray State University.  He continued his research and enjoyed the teaching aspect most of all.  His focus on Biochemistry gave him the opportunity to continue research.  He worked at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center developing techniques for treating oral and esophageal cancers.  This experience in oral cancer and microsurgery brought him to the doors of dentistry.  Dr. Noakes was enrolled at the University of Louisville School of the next fall.  As a result of his class ranking and top board scores, Dr. Noakes was offered the chance to pursue the dental specialty of Endodontics on scholarship at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.  Upon completing his training, Dr. Noakes and his family came back home where he became a partner at Camelot Endodontics Ltd..  Since 2003, he has been helping to fill the endodontic needs of the area. Dr. Noakes wife, Cindi, was born in Beloit, WI and is a Dental Hygienist.  She also received her training at University of Louisville while they were newlyweds.  They have two girls and three boys together.  Recently they acquired a loving bulldog.  With the little spare time he has, Dr. Noakes enjoys volunteering his time as an active member of the community and a church youth leader for teenagers.  Every once and a while he finds time to play golf.

Edward Noakes III, D.M.D., M. S.